Brightside Manor continues to take the coronavirus situation very seriously and closely follow guidance from the Welsh Government (WG), Public Health Wales (PHW) and our own advisors. In the light of increasing prevalence of Covid-19 and the new “more aggressive” variant of the virus in Wales, the Welsh Government has declared Tier-4 lockdown measures. We in turn considered the risks and vary our visiting and infection control policies in the best interest of our residents and staff.

All family visits remain suspended until further notice.


 Dedicated Visitor Centre Remains Closed
The pandemic has brought a “new normal” and changed the way we all live and work. Indoor visiting was suspended since March 2020 (with certain exceptions) but we have been fortunate to permit outdoor visits in the garden in our dedicated visitor centre till Tier-4 lockdown was declared by the Welsh Government.
We take no pleasure in announcing that all visits by families and friends (see exceptions below) have been suspend till further notice. This is to protect all residents, staff and the visitors as well as comply with the lockdown rules and legal requirements for ensuring health and safety of all concerned.
We appreciate the impact of this decision on the emotional well-being of the residents and how much disappointment it brings to them and the families, particularly during this festive period. We are confident that you will understand and respect that our primary desire is preventing the spread of the virus and protection of our vulnerable client group

Threat from the current Second Wave!

Increased prevalence of Covid-19 and the new “more aggressive” variant of the virus in Wales is a serious threat to us all. Though Brightside remains free from Covid-19, we cannot drop our guard down but continue to maintain strict measures and social distancing as far as possible and practicable. All routine visits have been cancelled. The home continues to implement robust infection prevention and control measures. Staff training is tailored to suit our setting and all visitors are asked to comply with our control procedures.

Exceptions to the Visiting Restrictions
• Emergency medical and visiting health care professionals;
• Personnel from statutory agencies ( care inspectorate, social services¹ , safeguarding, fire and police) with full PPE on a risk assed and needs lead basis;
• Next of kin or close family member during end of life care by arrangement with the manager;
• Essential maintenance workers and contractors subject to same control measures as our staff.
¹ Routine reviews and case conferences will held by on-line video conference (Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype) unless there is compelling grounds for holding such events at Brightside and will subject to our rigours infection control protocol.

Visiting Professionals
District Nurses, Doctors and other health professionals may enter the premises upon production of their ID and wearing your own appropriate PPE. We will provide disposable shoe covering and any additional PPE as required. Please ensure staff escort you to see your patient/resident by the shortest route possible to minimise contact with others.

Care Home is the Residents’ Home
We recognise that moving into and staying in a care home is a big step and we strive to ensure “home from home” atmosphere to our residents. This also has an impact on their partners and families. The residents should be able to welcome and see their loved ones when it is safe and convenient for them to do so. Such visits are added bonus to the mental health and general well-being of the residents. It also helps to “brighten up” their day at Brightside. Visiting will resume as soon as it is safe to do so. At this time safety of our residents and those who care for them outweigh the benefits of receiving visitors and seeing their family.

What are the reasons for suspending family visits?
Visits by family and friends will be suspended when one or more of the following conditions prevail:
1) Imposition of nationwide or local lockdown by the Welsh Government;
2) Decision or recommendation by the local Incident Management Team (IMT) coordinated by statutory agencies to suspend care home visits;
3) When a Covid-19 or other infectious disease outbreak occurs in the home;
4) Decision made by the Responsible Individual of the home based on emerging evidence and rigorous risk assessment to protect residents and staff and to prevent/ minimise risk of an outbreak.

We continue to be free of any Covid-19 cases but we cannot afford to be complacent. Our staff are tested routinely every week. We have installed infra-red temperature sensors both at the front door and staff entrance and everyone entering the building is required to scan their body temperature. If any staff or resident is symptomatic they will be tested immediately. Symptomatic staff will be asked to self-isolate at their home and the resident, if symptomatic, will be isolated for up to 14 days.


  • We have issued all employees with guidelines on how to recognise symptoms, and how to maintain robust infection control practices. All our staff members are routinely tested periodically (currently  weekly) for Covid-19. Staff members who are symptomatic or have a member of a household who is symptomatic are required to refrain from reporting to work and self-isolate for 14 days.
  • We have a good complement of staff team who know the residents and their families well. We will endeavour to avoid using agency staff as far as possible to minimise risks of contaminating the home.
  • We continue to update our staff on virus prevention training methods. Upon completion of each training module, staff will be tested to ensure they are all aware of best practices.
  • When visiting resumes, Visiting Family Members and Friends will only be permitted to visit if they self-certify to confirm adherence to our strict terms and control protocols.
  • We continue to encourage the use of Skype, Zoom or Facetime video chat facilities to supplement or reduce the need for face-to-face meetings.
  • In the event of an outbreak at the home or in the vicinity or a resident becoming symptomatic, we will take appropriate measures in consultation with Public Health Wales, and all visiting will be suspended.

We will do everything possible in our power to protect our workforce and the people in our care.


Families are encouraged to make use of digital technology to communicate with their loved ones whilst visiting remains suspended. We recommend Skype or Zoom.

Christmas Presents: 
If you would like your family member or friend to receive their present on Christmas day, please ensure these are sealed, labelled and deposited in the GREEN receptacle as soon as possible. This will allow us to sanitise the packaging and ensure it is given out on Christmas morning.
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