We strive to strike a fine balance between managing risks and upholding people’s rights recognising the huge benefits for people reconnecting with friends and family. Our visiting policy and protocols are based on dynamic risk assessments which are likely to vary from time to time

Visiting hours are from 11 AM to 6PM daily but we do ask you to make an appointment either on-line (See below) or by phoning the care home or the admin office to confirm. This is to ensure that the home is not overcrowded and comply with health and safety and fire regulatory requirements. 

Our visiting times are fixed to ensure residents’ well-being so that staff can continue with their caring work unhindered during busy periods. We will make exceptions in special circumstances on request to the manager. During end of life care and in some emergency situations visiting can be unrestricted as we strive to accommodate putting the individual resident’s needs as a priority.

BOOKING YOUR VISIT - Addiitonal Information

Click here to read our terms for Visitors and confirm your acceptance before visiting

Please read our document BR3-Visitor Policy

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For the time being visiting may take place in the resident’s own room or one of our lounges.

* Our visiting arrangements are subject to risk assessment for each resident and will be reviewed every 2 weeks or at shorter intervals as necessary.
* * Visiting will be suspended should anyone in the home becomes symptomatic or anyone on the home proves positive for Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Families or friends will be notified accordingly.
* There can be a maximum of two 2 adults or 1 adult plus 2 children. All children to be supervised by the adult visitor.
* Visits will be unsupervised for the duration unless risk assessment dictates otherwise. The visitor is expected to assume responsibility for the visit ensuring that the resident is supported and protected till staff member is summoned or returns to accompany the resident back.
Please make your booking well in advance to arrange a visiting time slot by selecting the date and time indicated and submit the form. We will do our very best to respond the same day to confirm if the chosen time slot is reserved for you.

Unless confirmation received, please do not attempt to visit. Always advisable to reconfirm your scheduled visit in the morning of your visiting day to ensure that visits are going ahead as planned.

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