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We strive to strike a fine balance between managing risks and upholding people’s rights recognising the huge benefits for people reconnecting with friends and family. Our policy and protocols are based on dynamic risk assessments which are likely to vary depending on local and national infection rates and cases. It will also depend on whether Brightside continues to remain “Covid free”. Our cautious approach seems to have paid off thus far. Whilst we continue to ease restrictions our primary aim is to continue protect our residents and staff alike
Family visitors, contactors and professionals undertaking non-urgent visits will be asked to sign a visitor agreement to confirm that each visitor understands and agrees to abide by the visiting policy requirements and restrictions before each visit taking place. Visitors will also be required to give their consent to undertake a rapid lateral flow device (LFD) test and return a negative result.

Please make your booking well in advance to arrange a visiting time slot by selecting the date and time indicated and submit the form. We will do our very best to respond the same day to confirm if the chosen time slot is reserved for you.

Please use this form below to request for a Visiting Appointment.

Click here to read our terms for Visitors and confirm your acceptance before visiting.

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For the time being visiting will be restricted to our dedicated Visitor Centre in order to minimise footfall into the main building.

* Our visiting arrangements are subject to risk assessment for each resident and will be reviewed every 2 weeks or at shorter intervals as necessary.
* Visiting will be suspended should anyone in the home become symptomatic or prove positive for Covid-19 and families or friends will be notified.
* There can be a maximum of two named designated visitors along with nominated deputies per resident and can be from different households. Maximum 2 adults or 1 adult plus 2 children from the same household will be permitted during the visit. Children (aged 5 and above) from the same household can accompany named adult. Children over the age 11 must wear masks.
* Resident will usually be escorted by a staff member to the visitor centre. Visits will be unsupervised for the duration unless risk assessment dictates otherwise. The designated visitor is expected to assume responsibility for the visit ensuring that the resident is supported and protected till staff member is summoned or returns to accompany the resident back into the care home.
* Visitor must comply with local or national lockdown rules and restrictions; observe social distancing and comply with our infection control protocols (hand sanitising and protection, face covering etc.) and visiting terms and conditions.
* Maximum two visits per week per resident may take place strictly by appointment booked via our on-line booking system or by telephone on 029-2040 8005.
* Visitors must arrive 40 minutes (reduced to 15 minutes if tested within 4 days and proof made available) prior to the designated visiting time and complete visitor questionnaire, sign visitor agreement and undertake Lateral Flow Test (LFD) as applicable. Late arrivals will result in cancellation of the visit.
* Visitors must arrive wearing their own face covering before being guided to testing area, hand sanitise and wear surgical mask supplied, retaining their own face covering for re-use when leaving at the end of the visit. Wait in their car for the LFD test result (takes up to 30 minutes). Please familiarise swab sampling technique in steps 1 & 2 of the youtube video at least once to enable you to take your own swab by following the link:
*Once negative test result is acknowledged, visitor will be escorted to the visitor centre. Wear clinical gloves supplied upon entering the visitor centre for the duration of the visit ensuring the mask and gloves are worn continuously. Remove and dispose gloves and masks in the bin provided upon exit and revert to wearing your own mask.
*Care home may refuse or terminate visiting at their discretion.

Please see our UPDATE BULLETIN

Please make your booking well in advance to arrange a visiting time slot by selecting the date and time indicated and submit the form. We will do our very best to respond the same day to confirm if the chosen time slot is reserved for you.

Unless confirmation received, please do not attempt to visit. Always advisable to reconfirm your scheduled visit in the morning of your visiting day to ensure that visits are going ahead as planned.

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