Brightside Manor’s core values have not altered since being established in 1989. It has built its reputation basing its ethos on providing the highest quality dementia care at an affordable price. Brightside Manor encourages our small but dedicated care team to form relationships with our residents which enables them to deliver person centred care. These close relationships reduce levels of aggression and agitation and provide a harmonious environment in which our residents can thrive. Knowing our residents on a personal level allows us to anticipate changing needs and future plan. Brightside Manor encourages family and friends to be involved in care planning as far as possible which ensures the residents preferences and needs are addressed holistically.

Brightside Manor is proud to have retained several members of our care team , many of which have been with us for over a decade demonstrating their dedication to our residents and core values. Our staff are not only skilled on paper, but are in their job roles as caring is their passion.

Brightside Manor - Dignified Senior Living - Senior Living Care Home, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
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