The foundations of care are based upon mutual respect and the promotion of dignity, independence and choice. Brightside Manor is a “Dignity Champion” that supports the campaign led by the National Dignity Council to promote dignity throughout health and social care settings. The campaign promotes dignity by encouraging choice and control, open communication, adequate nutritional intake, effective pain management, personal hygiene, social inclusion, clear boundaries and privacy and practical assistance.

Choice and control is promoted by allowing each resident to have a say in how they live and how the care they receive is delivered. Staff will always listen to residents and speak to them with respect. For those with diminished capacity staff will encourage them to make small choices as far as possible e.g. what they would like to eat.

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If you would like to talk personally with one of our friendly members of staff and see what Brightside Manor family can offer you, please contact us today.
Brightside Manor - Dignified Senior Living - Senior Living Care Home, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
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