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Brightside Manor boasts a varied activities schedule which has been carefully designed to stimulate our residents and promote interaction. We have a designated activities co-ordinator who designs our group and individual activities according ability and preference. Brightside manor acknowledges the importance of meaningful activity which promotes well-being and good health. Each week activities schedules are organised to encourage stimulation and maintain skills. Activities include sing-alongs, arts and crafts, musical afternoons, baking, quizzes, board games, interactive games and reminiscence activities to name a few. For those choosing not to participate in group activities, our coordinator is able to offer personal activities to suit the needs of the individual. 

We also have a recreation room where residents and their relatives can watch TV, play games, read and make light snacks and beverages.
Brightside Manor is aware of the benefits of group activities and also holds regular events and themed parties to promote orientation of time and place. These include marking important dates on the calendar such as Valentine ’s Day, St David’s day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Remembrance day etc. Brightside Manor also holds an annual summer fete and barbeque and has a live musical performance every weekend. We encourage relatives and friends to attend our events and invite the wider community to join in ensuring residents feel like a valued member of society. 

Brightside Manor also welcomes activity suggestions from residents and their friends and families. 

Brightside Manor also has close ties with the local church which hold regular services for our residents within the care home. Brightside Manor is able to cater to all religious denominations.

Need more information?

If you would like to talk personally with one of our friendly members of staff and see what Brightside Manor family can offer you, please contact us today.
Brightside Manor - Dignified Senior Living - Senior Living Care Home, Cardiff, United Kingdom.
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