Brightside Manor continues to take the coronavirus situation very seriously and follow guidance from the Welsh Government (WG), Public Health Wales (PHW) and our own advisors. We were one of the first care homes in Cardiff to go into total lockdown on 16 March 2020 before the WG enforced lockdown measures came into force. At the onset of the pandemic we even imported Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to protect our residents and staff from the first wave when PPE availability was scarce in Wales. Measures we have taken thus far ensured safety and well-being of our residents and staff. In spite our best efforts the virus was brought into the home and spread though in April /May 2020. Thankfully we have been Covid free since 31 May and was declared “incident free” by PHW in July following closer monitoring for several weeks.

Threat of Second Wave!     

Whilst the situation is improving generally in Wales, we cannot drop our guard down but continue to maintain strict measures and social distancing as far as possible and practicable. We are mindful of a possible second wave and the effect this may have on our residents should the virus get through our doors again. First time around we were extremely lucky but we are not prepared to take risks by easing our lockdown measures too soon?

Visiting Professionals

District Nurses, Doctors and other health professionals may enter the premises upon production of their ID and wearing your own appropriate PPE. We will provide disposable shoe covering and any additional PPE as required. Please ensure staff escort you to see your patient/resident by the shortest route possible to minimise contact with others. 


Family Visits in Garden
We recognised the impact total lockdown can have on the mental health and well-being of our residents early on and began encouraging controlled family visits by appointment in the garden since 29 June 2020. We plan to enhance the gazebo meeting point with wind shields and heating in readiness for the onset of the rainy season but hope we will be able to begin controlled indoor visits by October. Please continue to book visits online via our website or by phone on 020-2040 8005. 

Family Visits Indoors

Announcement from the First Minister for Wales on 21 August 2020 makes it clear that care homes may resume indoor visiting from 29 August if conditions allow. We fully appreciate the benefits indoor visits can add to the mental health of our residents by seeing their loved ones in circumstances similar to that existed before the pandemic. 

We are ultimately responsible to protect our residents and staff as well as our visitors by taking reasonable and sensible measures to minimise the risk of infection and the spread of the virus. We feel, on balance, that it would be prudent to continue with outdoor visits only as at present but we may relax some of the stringent conditions attached to such visits. We hope that families and friends will understand our reasons for not opening up the home for indoor visits at present and support our cautious decision at this time. We will keep families and friends updated as and when we make changes to our visiting policy. Special arrangements will however be made for indoor visits with full PPE in certain end of life care situations.

We therefore require your cooperation, assistance and compliance with our policy and procedures which are aimed at minimising the risks of the virus being brought in or spreading through Brightside and beyond. We ask your strict observance at all times.
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  1. ALCO-GEL/ HAND SANITISER: Please use alco-gel provided at the front door, designated visiting area or your own hand sanitiser upon entering and leaving the premises.
  2. CHILDREN: Children and toddlers are not permitted to the care home for the time being. Children may be more resilient than older adults but many scientists consider that children may be helping to amplify transmission and a source for other simple viral infections such as common cold and flu which our residents can ill afford. There is no concrete evidence to support this notion but in our quest to minimise the spread of the virus and reduce risks we ask for your cooperation.
  3. SYMPTOMS: If you have high temperature (fever), cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, loss or reduction of sense of smell and taste please avoid visiting the care home and dial 111 to seek further advice. These symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have the illness but a precautionary measure to minimise the risk of spreading.
  4. PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE): Always wear masks, face shields (when required in certain circumstances) and other items supplied by us during the visit for your own protection as well as the protection of our residents and staff.


    • We have issued all employees with guidelines on how to recognise symptoms, and how to maintain robust infection control practices. All our staff members are routinely tested periodically (currently 2 weekly) for Covid-19. Staff members who are symptomatic or have a member of a household who is symptomatic are required to refrain from reporting to work.
    • We have a good complement of staff team who know the residents and their families well. We will endeavor to avoid using agency staff as far as possible to minimise risks of contaminating the home.
    • We continue to update our staff on virus prevention training methods. Upon completion of each training module, staff will be tested to ensure they are all aware of best practices.
    • Visiting Family Members and Friends will only be permitted to visit if they self-certify to confirm adherence to our strict terms and control protocols.

This requirement does not apply to visiting professionals who are required to observe their own protocols and safer working practices.

  • We continue to encourage use of Skype or Facetime video chat facilities to supplement or reduce the need for face-to-face meetings.
  • In the event of an outbreak at the home or in the vicinity, we will take appropriate measures in consultation with Public Health Wales and visiting will be suspended.

We will do everything possible in our power to protect our workforce and the people in our care. If you have a confirmed appointment for making a visit please inform us immediately if you or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms, undergoing quarantine, self-isolating, or received a positive result for Covid-19.


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