COVID STATUS: Brightside Story
Brightside continues to remain free of Covid-19 thanks to our rigid infection prevention and control (IPC) measures, hard work and dedication of our staff team and a lot of luck. Majority of our residents (95%) and staff (90%) have received both doses of the vaccination to protect from SARS COV-2 virus. We will continue to update our policy and procedures to combat change in public health needs taking into account of any local or national restrictions and government guidance.
We at Brightside continue to put residents’ physical and mental well-being at its forefront. We appreciate that the past few months have not been easy for any of us. We had no choice but to take all necessary precautions to protect our residents and staff during the second wave transmission of the virus. Increased prevalence of the virus with variant mutations meant that a fire break and subsequent Tier 4 lockdown across Wales were a necessity. We in turn responded with our own lockdown procedures suspending all family visits. Professional indoor visits were limited and where possible professionals were encouraged to conduct meetings by Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom as far as possible in order to limit footfall into the home.


Following the announcement by the Welsh Government to begin easing the current lockdown restrictions we have evaluated our operational risks. Though the government guidance now permits indoor visits with one named designated visitor per resident we have chosen to adopt a more cautious approach. We will therefore facilitate visiting in our dedicated visitor centre located in our front garden with some restrictions. This is aimed at keeping the footfall into the home to absolute minimum thus reducing the risks for the benefit of everyone, most importantly our residents.
We wish to extend our thanks to everyone who supported our efforts during these difficult times for their patience, understanding and support. Whilst visiting remained suspended we continued to make improvements to our visitor centre which will benefit our residents beyond the pandemic and lends itself for better use in all seasons and situations.
As part of our infection prevention measures, all family and professional visitors are required to undertake a rapid Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test. Visit will only be permitted once a negative result is obtained. There are exceptions to this rule in certain circumstances such as emergency medical personnel (paramedics, ambulance or fire crew) or when visiting a resident during end of life care.

Family visitors and those professionals who wish to conduct non-urgent routine  visits are required to complete our pre-visit screen questionnaire before each visit.

Visiting is permitted subject to the visitor abiding by our visitor policy and special terms and conditions aimed at protecting people. You will be asked to complete the pre-visit screen questionnaire to enable us to assess the risks on the day of your visit. You will also be asked to sign a Visitor Agreement and LFD Test Consent Form.

• Our visiting arrangements are subject to risk assessment for each resident and will be reviewed every four weeks or at shorter intervals as necessary.
• Visiting will be suspended should anyone in the home become symptomatic or prove positive for Covid-19 and families or friends will be notified.
• Only one named designated visitor per resident and an identified deputy if the designated visitor is unable to visit. Two people from the same household may be permitted in certain circumstances. Initially, one visit per week is permitted.
• Resident will usually be accompanied by a staff member. Exceptionally, should our risk assessment informs us unsupervised visit will be permitted when the visitor is expected to assume responsibility for the visit ensuring that the resident is supported and protected till staff member returns to accompany the resident back into the care home.
• Visitor must comply with local or national lockdown rules; observe social distancing and comply with our infection control protocols (hand sanitising, face covering etc.)
• One visit per week per resident may take place strictly by appointment booked via our on-line booking system or by telephone on 029-2040 8005. Late arrivals will result in cancellation of the visit.
• Visitors must arrive 40 minutes prior to the designated visiting time and complete visitor questionnaire, sign visitor agreement and undertake Lateral Flow Test (LFD).
• Visitors must wear face covering on arrival and wait in their car whilst waiting for the LFD test result (takes up to 30 minutes). Please familiarise swab sampling technique in steps 1 & 2 of the youtube video at lease once to enable you to take your own swab by following the link:
• Once negative test result is acknowledged, visitor will be escorted to the visitor centre. Face covering may be removed once inside the visitor area of the building for the duration of the visit ensuring the hand sanitising and wear face covering on exit.
• Care home may refuse or terminate visiting at their discretion.
We will continue to review our procedures regularly and vary these restrictions (tighten or loosen as necessary) and communicate with families.

District Nurses, Doctors and other health professionals may enter the premises upon production of their ID, evidence of an LFD negative test results (test undertaken within 4 days) or confirmation of routine testing regime and wearing your own appropriate PPE. We will provide any additional PPE as required. Please ensure staff escort you to see your patient/resident by the shortest route possible to minimise contact with others.


  • We have issued all employees with guidelines on how to recognise symptoms, and how to maintain robust infection control practices. All our staff members are routinely tested periodically (twice weekly LFD and once a week PCR tests) for Covid-19. Staff members who are symptomatic or have a member of a household who is symptomatic are required to refrain from reporting to work and self-isolate for 10 days.
  • We have a good complement of staff team who know the residents and their families well. We will endeavour to avoid using agency staff as far as possible to minimise risks of contaminating the home.
  • We continue to update our staff on virus prevention training methods. Upon completion of each training module, staff will be tested to ensure they are all aware of best practices.

Visiting Family Members and Friends will only be permitted to visit if they adhere to our strict terms and control protocols.

  • We continue to encourage the use of Skype, Zoom or Facetime video chat facilities to supplement or reduce the need for face-to-face meetings.
  • In the event of an outbreak at the home or in the vicinity or a resident becoming symptomatic, we will take appropriate measures in consultation with Public Health Wales, and all visiting will be suspended.

We will do everything possible in our power to protect our workforce and the people in our care.

Families are encouraged to make use of digital technology to communicate with their loved ones in addition to visiting in person. We recommend Skype or Zoom.
APPOINTMENT FOR VIDEO CALLS WITH RESIDENT: e-mail or telephone the manager or person in charge in advance to book a time slot during off peak times (10.30 am-11.30 am and 2.30pm and 3.30pm). We will initiate Skype calls or Zoom meetings at the appointed time.
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