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Brightside is aware that it is important to mark key events to enhance self-esteem and increase orientation. Birthdays are marked with tea parties/ live music and buffets depending on residents’ preference. Other regular daily activities and events are designed to stimulate the mind and increase social interaction.

A number of factors influence activity provision; these include residents’ abilities, interests and motivation. Staff are aware of the nature and levels of physical and mental abilities (e.g dementia) of individual residents, and utilise a range of skills and strategies in response to these difficulties.

Each week a timetable of varied daily activities are planned and presented to the residents to inform what is being planned and carried out, when and where. Freedom of choice, encouragement and variety is important, and support given where needed. Individual activities are tailored to suit where appropriate.

Daily events are planned in advance and published weekly within the home and on our Facebook page and under “WEEKLY ACTIVITIES” section at this site.





Sunday, 09 September 2018

Dancing to Salsa & other Latino Music – curtsey of Tiger Bay Social Group – Freinds & Volunteers.