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Brightside Manor operates with the philosophy of ensuring each resident is cared for with respect and dignity through the promotion of self-worth, independence and choice. As a dignity champion, Brightside supports the campaign led by the National Dignity Council to ensure dignity in care is promoted throughout health and social care settings.

Brightside Manor works on a daily basis to support the numerous factors that make up what ‘Dignity in Care’ means, these factors are-

  • Choice & ControlDignity_Champion_role_descriptors_19.07
  • Communication
  • Eating & Nutritional Care
  • Pain Management
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Practical Assistance
  • Privacy
  • Social Inclusion

Encompassing all the above enables residence to make a choice about the way they live and the care they receive.  It is supported by ensuring all staff speak respectfully, and listen to what residence have to say.

Brightside Manor displays their daily menu choices, and ensures that nutritious, appetising meals that meet the needs and choices of the individuals, and also lend support with eating where needed.

With a new medical initiative introduced, staff ensure that residence living with pain or who require daily medication receive the right help, support and medication to reduce suffering and improve their quality of life.

Residence are supported to maintain their independence by providing that little bit of help, and are assisted where needed to maintain their usual standard of hygiene.

Most importantly within the home is the respect given for residence privacy and personal space, privacy in personal care, and confidentiality of personal information. Encouraging mind, body and soul to keep healthy and active by taking part in activities that are planned on a daily basis, and also to keep in touch with family and friends!

We continually seek to support and improve each factor that makes up what ‘Dignity in Care’ means to all those that live and work at Brightside Manor.